Key To A Christ-Centered Marriage
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Book One – Living Life From A New Source

One of the objectives of Christ Is Life Ministries is to make our written discipleship materials available as a resource to you for further personal or group discipleship. You may study these materials online or download and print them as necessary.
The series includes the following titles:

What Is The Truth About Living The Christian Life?

What Is Your Part?

Key Truths About The Walk Of Faith

Walk Of Faith And God's Promises

The Fight Of Faith

Expectations About Your Walk Of Faith

Living Life From A New source is part of a series called Living A Transformed Life.

•The truth about living the Christian life. 
•What it means for Christ to live His life in you  and through you. 
•Understanding and experiencing God's promises of victory, freedom and healing. 
•Knowing and living from your true identity in Christ. 
•God's process of transforming your life to think,      believe, choose and believe like Christ.
•What it looks like to live from the overflow of Christ's  life in ministry and how that impacts
  you personally, your job, your marriage, your family  and your relationships. 
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