This study is specifically designed to teach Christians how Christ wants to live His life in and through us in the workplace. The foundational truth in this study is differentiating between a Christian business person versus a Christ-centered business person. Whether you are a business owner or an employee this study will transform how you see your workplace. I would recommend this study as one that could be taught at your place of business.
Living From Christ In The Workplace
If you have enjoyed this first part of the 4 part series, you may also want to see Book 2-4.
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Living From Christ In The Workplace
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"Christ in you the hope of glory" 
Colossians 1:27
Living From Christ In The Workplace CURRICULUM


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This study focuses on the following truths:

 • How living “A” Christian life impacts you at your workplace.
 • How living “THE” Christian life will transform you in the workplace.
 • Practical application of living “THE” Christian life at your job.
 • Knowing your true identity in Christ and how that impacts you on the job.
 • Living above the line versus below the line at your job.
Living From Christ In The Workplace BOOKLET


(Download FREE now “Living From Christ In The Workplace” Booklet)

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