“Battle Of The Mind" CURRICULUM

Item#: BFTM-SC

 The focus of this curriculum is:

  • What is the battle of the mind.
  • The enemies we face in the battle.
  • The consequences of not engaging in the battle.
  • Engaging God to win the battle of the mind.
  • Winning the battle of the mind with Satan/demons
  • Renewing your mind to set you free from your false beliefs.

This curriculum is designed for one-on-one, small groups or Sunday School.

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The Battle Of The Mind
The Battle Of The Mind
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  I want to thank you for choosing this study. I believe that this is a crucial study for every Christian to understand. God has been using the truths of this study to radically change my life. Therefore, my desire is for you to not only learn these truths but to also apply them personally to your life. I would first like to share with you how this study is laid out. 
  There are six lessons, and each lesson has five daily readings. This will allow you to break down the material into five separate parts each week. Throughout each lesson will be exercises, questions, and scriptures for you to meditate upon in an “Engaging God” section.
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