“Being Transformed” STUDENT DVD
This series of lessons are being produced at this time. Stay tuned. We will be posting on the Facebook and the home page of this site when it is released. This DVD series is the game changer, so get ready to take it to the next level! God bless.

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“Being Transformed” CURRICULUM

Item#: BT-CUR

This is Part Three of the discipleship series titled Living A Transformed Life In Christ. This study focuses on the following truths:

• God's process of transforming your mind, emotions, and will.
• The process of God renewing your mind to the truth.
• How to fight the battle we face in our minds.
• Spiritual warfare with Satan/demonic.
• God's process of healing of our woundedness and damaged emotions.
• God's process of moving our will from unwillingness to willingness.

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BOOK 3 - Being Transformed
If you have enjoyed this first part of the 4 part series, you may also want to see Book 2-4. 
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“Being Transformed” BOOKLET

Item#: BT-BK

This booklet is the same material as the Being Transformed curriculum but in a condensed form. 

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• What it means that Christ is the Christian life.

• What it means for Christ to be your life.

• Understanding the truth that Christ wants to live His life in you and through you. 

• Experiencing God's promises of victory, freedom and healing of past woundedness. 
Living A Transformed Life In Christ
Living a Transformed Life in Christ is a 4 part series that focuses on the following truths:
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