​The Key To A Christ-Centered Marriage

Conference Structure

This conference is a two part conference. Part One is made up of the first four sessions which are typically taught in the morning. These four sessions are the foundational teaching for the conference. Part Two of the conference is made up of two optional sessions (Sessions Five and Six). These two sessions are designed for application of the truths learned in the morning sessions plus a question and answer time. Interaction by the participants is encouraged during these two sessions.

Follow-Up Curriculum

This conference lays the foundation for a follow-up marriage curriculum called “The Key to A Christ-Centered Marriage.” This curriculum is designed to take a married couple deeper into the truths they learned during the conference. It will be available at the conference and is written for use by individual couples, small groups, or Sunday school. (See “The Key To A Christ-Centered Marriage” curriculum)

Conference Session Overview

Session 1: What Is God’s Design for Marriage?

The purpose of this session is to show believers God’s divine plan for man and His design for marriage. It looks at God’s original intent for the marriage relationship as it relates to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden before the Fall. It also reveals the differences between a fleshly marriage and a Christ-centered 

Session 2: What Would Your Spouse Look Like Through God’s Eyes?

This session is crucial to the conference in that it focuses on the husband’s and wife’s “true” identity in Christ according to 2 Corinthians 5:17. This session explores the truth of how a married couple can see each other as God sees them in their new identity. The session ends with answering the question: “How can knowing the truth of our true identity in Christ radically change our marriage?”

Session 3: What Is Hindering Your Marriage From Experiencing God’s Design?

This session is designed to reveal four major hindrances in the marriage relationship:

• The negative effects of a husband and wife who attempt to get their needs met in
each other.
• How a spouse’s lying beliefs adversely affect the marriage relationship. 
• Unrealistic expectations about marriage and the effects of those expectations on the
• The coping mechanisms married couples use independently of God to deal with the
problems in their marriage.

Session 4: How Does A Married Couple Experience A Christ-Centered Marriage?

This session focuses on how a married couple can appropriate God’s promises and His design in order to experience a Christ-centered marriage.

Session 5: (Optional) Practical Application of Truths Learned

This is an optional, interactive session which emphasizes practical application of the truths learned in the first four sessions. During this session, several examples will be shared that apply these truths in building a Christ-centered marriage. This session will also address the application of the truths to areas of conflict in marriage.

Session 6: (Optional) Question and Answer Session

This is an optional session designed for the participants to ask questions concerning the truths that they learned during the conference.

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