Being Transformed

Conference Structure

This conference is a two part conference. Part One is made up of the first three sessions which are taught in the morning. These three sessions are the foundational teaching for the conference. Part Two of the conference is made up of two optional sessions (Sessions Four and Five). These two sessions are designed for application of the truths learned in the morning sessions and a question and answer time. Interaction by the participants is encouraged during these two sessions.

Follow-Up Curriculum

This conference lays the foundation for a follow-up curriculum called “Being Transformed.” This curriculum is designed to take an individual or a married couple deeper into the truths they learned during the conference. It will be available at the conference and is written for use by individuals, couples, small groups, or Sunday school.

Conference Session Overview

Session 1: What Does God Mean When He Says To You, “Be Transformed?”

This session focuses on understanding what it means to “be transformed” according to Romans 12:2. It reveals the changes in a believer’s life that God promises to make through the sanctification process. The session concludes by looking at one of God’s most important objectives of transformation for the believer.

Session 2: Why Is It So Critical To Your Christian Walk To Understand The Differences Between Your Soul and Spirit?

For a believer to understand what it means to walk by the Spirit (Galatians 5:16), it is important to understand the differences between the soul and the human spirit. This session begins by contrasting the differences between the condition of man’s soul versus his human spirit in union with the Spirit of God. It explains the internal and external negative influences on the soul and the cause of the struggles that believers face. This is a very important session because of the confusion concerning the soul and the human spirit.

Session 3: What Does It Look Like To Live “Above The Line” In The Spirit?

In this session, a very practical analogy called “The Line” is used to show the believer what it looks like in daily life to live from the Spirit. Using the “Line” analogy, a believer will have a better understanding of what happens in his life as he chooses to live from his union with God.

Session 4: (Optional) Practical Application of Truths Learned

This is an optional, interactive session which emphasizes practical application of the truths learned in the first three sessions in the areas of adverse circumstances, the workplace, marriage, family, and other relationships.

Session 5: (Optional) Question and Answer Session

This is an optional session designed for the participants to ask questions concerning the truths that they learned during the conference.

Organizational Details for Host Church

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