Experiencing Abundant Life In Christ 

Conference Structure

This conference is a two part conference. Part One is made up of the first four sessions which are typically taught in the morning. These four sessions are the foundational teaching for the conference. Part Two of the conference is made up of two optional sessions (Sessions Five and Six). These two sessions are designed for application of the truths learned in the morning sessions plus a question and answer time. Interaction by the participants is encouraged during these two sessions.

Follow-Up Curriculum

This conference lays the foundation for a follow-up curriculum called “The Key to Abundant Living.” This curriculum is designed to take an individual deeper into the truths they learned during the conference. It will be available at the conference and is written for use by individuals, couples, small groups, or Sunday school. (See “The Key To Abundant Living” curriculum)

Conference Session Overview

Session 1: What Is God’s Plan For Man and His Promises For Abundant Life In Christ?

This session is designed to reveal why God created man and His plan for man. It focuses on what the Bible says about God’s part versus man’s part in God’s plan. The second part of this session focuses on God’s promises for transformation that results in abundant living for the believer.

Session 2: What Did God Accomplish At Salvation For Man To Live Abundantly?

This session is critical in that it reveals what happened at salvation in order for man to live an abundant life: Christ died for man’s sins (Romans 5:8); God crucified the old self (Romans 6:6) and exchanged it for a new identity (2 Corinthians 5:17); God put His life back into man (1 John 5:12); and God put Himself in union with man (John 14:20). As a result of God putting His life back into man at salvation, man no longer has to be the source for living life. As a result, man can now begin to experience the internal abundance that God promises.

Session 3: What Are The Hindrances To Living An Abundant Life?

This session is designed to expose some of the key hindrances to man living an abundant life in Christ. These hindrances include the believer’s attempts to get his needs met apart from Christ, living from his lying beliefs rather than God’s truth, and attempting to cope and deal with life independently of God. This session also defines the meaning of the flesh and the consequences of living from the flesh.

Session 4: How Do I Experience Abundant Life In Christ?

This session focuses on God as the initiator and man as the receiver in living the Christian life. It gives insight as to what it looks like for man to engage God to produce abundant life in Christ. It also clarifies the choice that the believer must make moment by moment to continue experiencing abundant life.

Session 5: (Optional) Daily Application Of Living From God As The Source

This is an optional, interactive session which emphasizes practical application of the truths learned in the first four sessions. Several examples will be shared that apply the truths learned to external issues such as adverse circumstances, the workplace, relationships, and marriage. There will be application of the truth to internal issues such as lying beliefs, unmet needs, woundedness, and strongholds. It seeks to answer the question: “What does it look like in my daily life to live from God as my Source?”

Session 6: (Optional) Question and Answer Session

This is an optional session designed for the participants to ask questions concerning the truths that they learned during the conference.

Organizational Details for Host Church

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