One of the objectives of Christ Is Life Ministries is to share with you resources by other authors that we recommend to deepen your walk and intimacy with God. To find the details about the the content of the resource as well as the pricing click on the resource desired.

                                                  WRITTEN RESOURCES


Experiencing the Depths Of Jesus Christ – Jeanne Guyon

Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrence

The Seeking Heart – Fenelon 


31 Days of Praise – Ruth Meyers  

The Indwelling Life Of Christ – Ian Thomas

Jesus Calling - Sarah Young

The Supplied Life – Bill Freeman


Blessings of Brokenness – Charles Stanley

Bondage Breaker – Neil Anderson

The God Of All Comfort – Hannah Whiteall Smith  

Heavenly Discipleship – Mike Wells

Lifetime Guarantee – Bill Gillham 

Problems, God’s Presence and Prayer – Mike Wells

The Rest Of The Gospel – David Gregory and Dan Stone

The Rest of The Gospel Bible Study Guide – Angela Kolsch

The Saving Life of Christ – Ian Thomas 

Sidetracked In The Wilderness – Mike Wells

Victory Over The Darkness – Neil Anderson

What God Wishes Christians Knew – Bill Gillham


Turkeys and Eagles – Peter Lord

Love Of God

Abba’s Child – Brennan Manning

Sacred Romance – Brent Curtis & John Eldredge


Marriage, The Journey – Anne Trippe

Woman’s Focus

The Confident Woman – Annabelle Gillham 

Children’s Books

The Gardener’s Love – Michael Wells 

If I’m Right Why Do I Keep Doing Wrong – Frank Friedmann

I Was Wrong But God Made Me Right – Frank Friedmann

Who Am I – Frank Friedmann

On The Wings Of The West Wind – Joni Eareckson Tada

Discipleship Workbooks

Be Transformed – Scope Ministries International 

The Exchanged Life – Johnie Grainger
Resources by Other Authors

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