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  Isn’t it true that life is a journey of discovery? The most delicious discoveries are revelations about God and sometimes the painful ones are about ourselves. One of my self-discoveries, has been the realization that I have been slow to completely buy into His love and faithfulness---the bedrocks of His character. Consequently, I have spent far too much time investing in substitutes to fill that gaping deficit. Those substitutes are actually idols and one of mine is perfectionism in certain areas. Thankfully God is dismantling this one because as someone has said, “perfectionism is a slow form of suicide!” Well, amen. 

 God amazes me with His innovative ways of revealing idols. He uses all sorts of things to bring them into our consciousness. The account that follows is about an event I will never forget―and one that God continues to use in order to show me that His definition of “perfect” is different than mine.

  A couple of years ago, Bill and I were invited to a wedding. Turns out, it was a peek into the lives of two people who have discovered that few things are really all that important―and really only one. I wrote a friend as soon as we got home that day as I didn’t want to forget one detail. Here is my account.

year old boy who frequently faltered and hit wrong notes. When the bridesmaids began appearing, they each wore a dress of different length, style, and color. And I might add that they themselves were of various shapes, sizes, ages, and color―and beautiful, every one! The guest soloist was a girl in a brilliant blue evening dress and when she first opened her mouth to sing, we all winced. But then I realized that she must be a beloved friend or relative who was there just to sing to the couple and the fact that she couldn’t really sing didn’t matter at all. And as she sang, it became so beautiful to me that I wanted to cry. The bride and groom laughed and smiled all through the ceremony―and so those of us watching did too. The Lord was praised mightily and given all the glory for being so good and faithful.

  The bride and groom are fifty-something and both had been happily married to spouses who are now with the Lord. Knowing that, made this occasion all the sweeter. A letter written by the bride was distributed to all the guests. She wrote of discovering that only Jesus and His unconditional love can draw one ‘from the vacant wandering from one pleasure to another, from the accumulation of things in the pursuit of happiness, and from living to expectations.’ I see that her idols had been exposed and renounced and what is left is the utter joy and freedom that we witnessed today.” (That’s what happens I think when the event, the house, the meal, the person, the day don’t have to be perfect―but only be what God wants them to be. That’s real perfection!)

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 “The wedding we just attended was like a scene from a Horton Foote script. It took place out in the boonies between Boerne and Fredericksburg in a big red, white, and blue tent―on an extraordinarily beautiful spring day. Nothing and no one ‘matched.’ The groomsmen, who were enjoying mingling with the crowd, wore white Hawaiian shirts and the groom, a tux. The music was provided by friends of the couple who were playing a variety of instruments. The ceremony was delayed because someone took a fall and though not seriously hurt, an ambulance had to come all the way from Comfort and get her. Because the bride did not want to begin until the injured one had been properly dispatched, we all did a sing-a-long for an hour, accompanied by the musicians. As we sang, talked, and laughed, Bill and I marveled at the group gathered to celebrate the occasion. There were persons of all ages--- some in suits, others in nice shirts and khakis or jeans. There were hats of various sorts; tame hair; wild hair; children and babies―laughing, playing, crying, sleeping; and an occasional car honk! 

 When the ceremony finally got underway, the processional was played by an eight 

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