Bill Loveless

This study is designed for men to understand what it means to be a real man in Christ as they learn to live from Christ as their source.

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Are You Living A Life Or The Life?
Bill Loveless

Welcome to this Audio Blog series. We will discover some truths about how we can let Christ live through us. Be empowered, click the image and listen.

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Book One of the series focuses on:

•The lie versus the truth about living the Christian life.
•Your spiritual destiny to be transformed into Christ-likeness. 
•Understanding the meaning of Christ living His life in and through you. 
•Understanding and applying God's promises of victory, freedom, and healing. 
•Experiencing God's supernatural life and power to transform our lives.

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Do You Know Your True Identity?
Dave McCall

Dave McCall is a former pastor and the current director of the San Antonio Pregnancy Care Center. Dave has been teaching the Christ-life truths for several years with the result that they have had a profound affect on his life.

The audio series Dave is teaching through is called Do You Know Your True Identity?

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Bill Loveless

This study is designed for men to understand what it means to walk in the understanding of Christ All in All.

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Dallas Christ-Life Gathering January 2015
Bill Loveless 

The subject of this audio is the renovation of our hearts. In it, I focus on how the rooms of woundedness are formed in our soul and what it looks like to engage God to heal us from this woundedness. 
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The Battle Of The Mind 
(Are You Winning The Battle?)

There is a non-stop battle going on for the control of what you think. In this battle, you have internal and external enemies that want to steal, kill, and destroy your walk with God. Their primary way of accomplishing this goal is through your thought life. These enemies create a battle in your mind and for your mind. 

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Wounded? (Healing the Wounded Heart)

  Have you been wounded in the past through sexual, emotional, physical or verbal abuse? Or have you been wounded through traumatic events such as divorce or the early death of a loved one? As a result of your woundedness, are you experiencing such feelings, such as anger, frustration, hopelessness, unforgiveness, etc.? If so, this booklet is focused on God’s truth concerning the healing of your woundedness.

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