Bill was born and raised in College Station. He attended Texas A&M University where he graduated in 1972 with a bachelor’s degree in business. He went into the U.S. Army for a short period of time before entering into the construction business. He eventually became a commercial general contractor and owned his own business for 25 years. In 1988 Bill and his wife, Paige, were married.

  In January of 2001 Bill went into full-time ministry with Exchanged Life Ministries Texas (ELMT) in Dallas. During his 3 years with the ministry he shared the Christ-life message in conferences and in one-on-one discipleship. He acted as coordinator for all the ELMT church conferences. While ministering in a number of churches, he felt a growing desire to partner with these churches on a continuing basis rather than just teaching conferences periodically. 

  As a result, Christ is Life Ministries was begun in November of 2003 with the primary focus being to partner with churches to teach, develop curriculum, and to disciple “multipliers.” Bill and Paige moved the ministry to San Antonio, Texas in the spring of 2004. They are currently partnering with several churches throughout Texas and outside of the state. 
Bill's Journey

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