Living Life From A New Source is part of a 4-part series called Living a Transformed Life in Christ. The truth of what it means for Christ to live his life in and through you to transform your life.         

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Living From Christ In The Workplace Curriculum
You will not live beyond what you believe. If what you believe is a lie, then that is how you will live.

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This is a four part discipleship series that focuses on the truth about how God transforms us into Christ-likeness and how to experience His promises of victory and freedom.

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Living As A Real Man 
In Christ

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Hi, my name is Bill Loveless, and I want to welcome you to the website for Christ Is Life Ministries. The focus of our ministry is to offer you several discipleship venues that focus on what it means for Christ to be your life and what it looks like for Christ to live His life in and through you to transform you into Christ-likeness. We hope you will take advantage of these life-transforming resources.

In Christ,

Bill Loveless
Christ Is Life Ministries

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